Hello, I'm Stacey!

I'm the maker and crazy creative ninja behind Happy Island.

I've always appreciated authenticity, originality and good sense of fun, and these form the fundamental principals of what Happy Island is about.

I started experimenting with polymer clay in 2017 as a hobby, a fun way to blow off some steam after a long day at the office. My very messy crafting space became my night time escape, my own happy island getaway to forget about the stresses of my desk job.

Soon enough my colleagues and friends were asking to buy my creations which gave me the confidence boost I needed to set up an Instagram page and promote my art work. By 2018 I was overwhelmed with retail orders and market events and finally in 2019 I was able to leave my office job and focus on Happy Island full time.

Working independently from my cozy home studio in Cape Town has been my ultimate achievement and having the privilege to sculpt and create with my hands every day fills my heart with sunshine. It is important to me that my designs retain an authentic handmade look, setting Happy Island apart from machine made fast fashion. I embrace the imperfections the handmade goods can sometimes retain as this makes each item completely individual - just like you!

I hope that your Happy Island treasure brings you as much joy wearing it, as it did for me making it.